Types of Life Coaches: Here Are 20 That Can Help You


There are many types of life coaches. Some coaches specialize in a particular field, such as health, relationships, or business. On the other hand, other coaches may work with people from all walks of life. Result-Oriented Mindset Coaching (ROMP), located in McDonough, GA, offers niche life coaches and life coaching programs to reach your target goals.

Why See a Specialized Coaches

There are many reasons to see a specialized coach. For example, if you want to make a career change, you may want to see a career coach. Perhaps you feel stuck; you want your life to be more meaningful, then a life purpose coach can help you achieve your goal.

Are All Types of Life Coaches Trained Differently?

There is no one specific training that all life coaches receive. Still, many coaches undergo training or education related to coaching and personal development. Training might include completing an accredited coaching program, studying psychology or counseling, or engaging in self-study of best practices in the coaching field.

Still, there are specific training you should look for in a coach, no matter what niche they serve. Life coaches should have

  • Excellent listening and communication kills
  • Knowledge of positive psychology
  • The ability to recognize and help clients with common challenges such as procrastination, self-esteem, and self-limiting beliefs
  • Tools and techniques to help clients change their behavior and achieve their goals
  • Patience, understanding, and empathy
  • The ability to support clients as they transform to achieve their goals

Types of Life Coaches You May Want to Consider

#1 Career Coaches

Career coaches are professionals who help people make decisions about their careers and achieve their career goals. They can work with individuals or groups and help with everything from choosing a career to developing a career plan to finding a job. Career coaches sometimes also work with people who are considering a career change.

#2 Cognitive Behavior Life Coaches (CBT)

Cognitive-behavioral coaches are types of life coaches who specialize in helping people change the way they think and behave. They work with people to identify and change the thoughts and behaviors causing them problems. Essentially, CBT coaches can help you recognize self-sabotaging behaviors so you can overcome the obstacles that keep you from achieving your goals.

#3 Confidence (Growth Mindset) Coaches

Confidence and Growth Mindset coaches help people develop the belief that they can achieve their goals and improve their lives. These types of life coaches help people focus on their strengths and also help them find ways to overcome setbacks and challenges.

Growth mindset people believe that they can improve their skills and abilities through effort and practice. In contrast, fixed mindset people believe that their abilities are set in stone. A confidence and growth mindset coach can help people shift their thinking to achieve their goals.

#4 Diet Coaches

A diet coach is a type of coach who helps you to create a diet plan that is right for you and your body. Diet coaches help you set goals for your diet and stick to your plan. They can also help you to create healthy habits that will last long-term. Health coaches generally do not specialize in dieting but instead help their clients to make general healthy changes in their lifestyles.

#5 Emotional Intelligence Coaches

If you want to work on your emotional intelligence, a life coach can help. This type of coach can help you figure out your triggers, understand your emotions, and set goals to work on your EQ.

They can help you develop coping mechanisms, work on your communication skills, and help you build relationships. These types of life coaches help you obtain the skills to improve your social, personal, and professional relationships.

#6 Forgiveness Coaches

Forgiveness coaches can be helpful for individuals who want to work through any resentment or anger they may feel towards others. These types of life coaches can also help those who want to learn to forgive themselves for past mistakes.

#7 Goal Success Life Coaches

A goals success coach is someone who helps people achieve their goals. They provide support and guidance and help clients stay on track. They help people set realistic goals and work through any obstacles that may come up. A goals success coach can be helpful for anyone who wants to achieve a specific goal or improve their life in some way.

#8 Grief Life Coaches

These types of life coaches help people who are experiencing loss and grief. They offer support and guidance. Additionally, they can help people work through their feelings. They may also provide resources and advice on how to cope with grief.

#9 Happiness Life Coaches

A happiness coach is a professional who helps people develop strategies for achieving happiness and maintaining positive emotional health. People who should see a happiness coach include those struggling with high functioning depression or anxiety. Of course, these types of life coaches are perfect for those simply looking for ways to increase their overall happiness and well-being.

#10 Health Coaches

A health coach helps people make positive changes in their lives to achieve better health. For instance, they can help you create and stick to a healthy diet, get more exercise, and improve your lifestyle.

Health coaches are not registered dietitians, and they may not have as much training in nutrition as dietitians do. However, they can still provide valuable support and advice to their clients on how to improve their health.

#11 Law of Attraction Coaches

Law of attraction coaches help their clients focus on what they want in life and use the power of positive thinking to achieve it. They can help with goal setting, visualization, and positive affirmations

#12 Life Purpose Life Coaches

A life purpose coach helps people find their life purpose or meaning. They help people find their passions and what makes them happy. They guide people to living a life that is fulfilling and satisfying.

#13 Life Story Coach

A life story coach is a professional who helps people create a written account of their life. This account can be used for personal reflection, as a legacy for loved ones, or as a tool for self-discovery. These types of life coaches work with clients to capture the critical moments, themes, and emotions of their lives in a meaningful and authentic way.

#14 Rational Emotive Behavioral Coaches (REBT)

Rational emotive behavioral coaching is based on rational emotive behavior therapy (REBT) principles. REBT is a cognitive-behavioral therapy that emphasizes the role of irrational thoughts in causing emotional problems. Coaches specializing in REBT help clients identify and challenge their irrational thoughts and replace them with more rational ones.

#15 Relationship Coaches

A relationship coach helps people develop and maintain healthy and fulfilling relationships with others. They typically work with individuals, couples, or groups. Life coaches in this area deal with a wide range of relationships, for instance, you may want to on building healthy relationships at work. So, you can work on relationships with some of the following:

  • Family members
  • Professional associates
  • Colleagues
  • A romantic partner

#16 Small Business Coaches

Small business coaches are professionals who help business owners and entrepreneurs achieve their business goals. They provide guidance, support, and advice on various topics, including marketing, operations, and finance.

Small business coaches typically have experience in business themselves, and they use this experience to help their clients grow and succeed. Small business owners often need a coach to help them stay on track and motivated, especially during difficult times.

#17 Spiritual Life Coach

A spiritual coach helps people connect with their spirituality and work through any accompanying issues. They typically work with people with a strong spiritual connection and are looking to grow further and develop that connection.

#18 Startup Business Coaches

If you hire a startup coach, you are probably an entrepreneur looking to start and grow your business. They are different from small business coaches because they have experience helping startups succeed.

Startup coaches typically have much business planning, fundraising, and marketing knowledge. As a result, they can help entrepreneurs develop their business models, create pitches for investors, and create marketing plans.

#19 Trauma Life Coaches

A trauma life coach is somebody who specializes in helping people recover from traumatic events. They differ from a trauma therapist because they do not offer therapy but instead focus on helping the client set and achieve goals related to their recovery.

#20 Transformation Life Coaches

A transformation life coach helps people dramatically change their lives for the better. Consequently, they help clients overcome limitations and transform their lives in meaningful ways.

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