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Make Your Life Meaningful With Our Life Purpose Coaching Program


High school is the first major milestone most of us face. It not only represents an educational milestone, but it also catapults us into adults. We think that adulthood is the answer to everything during childhood, including our purpose; then we find out life does not work that way. ROMP Life Purpose coaching program helps empower people to live their life on purpose.

Are You Living a Purposeful Life?

Do you find yourself delaying your dreams because of life events? Perhaps a loved one dies, you lose your job, or you’re starting your family. Or you may believe if you make a certain amount of money, you can then do what you really want to do. Life has a way of happening to us if we let it. Your mind can be the enemy. It can have you waiting for the perfect scenario to live your life on purpose.

You may not be living a life of purpose if you:

  • Always put your dreams on hold
  • Don’t believe you have a purpose
  • Have lost passion for life
  • Are not happy with your life or career
  • Are always living your life for everyone else, but you
  • Find yourself dreaming with no actions behind it
  • Feel stuck and disconnected from life
  • Feel jealous of other people’s success
  • Think you are a failure

Are You Living A Life of Purpose?

Some people go through their personal and professional life mindlessly. Life happens to them instead of the other way around.

People who live their life purposefully:

  • Are driven by their values
  • Have alignment with their goals, priorities, and actions
  • Embrace life
  • Find meaning in challenges
  • Can stand alone
  • Have well-formed personal development skills
  • Are self-aware
  • Love what they do

Our Life Purpose Program Will Help You Discover Your Purpose

Do you know what it means to be authentically you? We are usually told who we are supposed to be and what we are supposed to do, making us disoriented. ROMP Coaching has crafted a program that walks you through the stepping stones to purpose.

Stepping Stone #1: Childhood Influences

Most people think that their childhood experiences do not heavily influence their adult life. Even more so, people think their thoughts and belief are their own; however, studies show that who we are in our adult life is influenced by key people and events that existed during our childhood.

Most of what we think we’re not born with us; on the contrary, it was poured into us. Our life purpose coaching program helps clients embrace their life choices to discover their life on their own terms.

Stepping Stone #2: Passion and Interest

Whether it is something you’ve liked all your life or a new-found hobby you’re obsessed with–we all have things we are naturally drawn to. Your passions and interests serve as a stepping stone to discovering your purpose, especially if it’s an activity that you tend to lose yourself in. We help you explore what you love in search of your life purpose.

Stepping Stone #3: Talents and Skills

We all have natural abilities, and those abilities are worth exploring on the path to purpose. Our natural talents can be your key to unlocking meaning and joy into your life.

Stepping Stone #4: Personality

Knowing your personality can also give you insight into your purpose. It lets you consider the following to discover your purpose:

  • Your natural likes and dislikes
  • Which situations may be best for your personality

Stepping Stone #5: Life-Changing Experiences

Sometimes you may not realize how much your experiences impact your purpose. Looking at the patterns on your life’s timeline can lead you to see what led you to where you are today and point to where you’re going.

Stepping Stone #6: Coincidence

Do you believe in happenstance or mere coincidences? Has an experience ever left you feeling in awe? Exploring those coincidences have a way of revealing a greater meaning behind them.

Our life purpose coaching program helps you explore the sparks you feel when you take certain paths. You will find those sparks can help you in your quest for living a life with purpose.

Learn How to Eliminate the Belief Systems (B.S.) That’s Not Serving You

We all have limiting belief systems created by ourselves, society, and key people in our lives. We unconsciously live by the rules, which leaves us feeling trapped, unhappy, and desperate for change. The good news is that you can change those beliefs and replace them with ones that work for you.

Clarifying Your Purpose With a Certified Life Purpose Coach

Our life coach certification coaches will walk right alongside you as you walk through the stepping stones to your purpose, and we’ll support you as you fit the pieces of the puzzle. For some, purpose is a journey full of surprises; for others, it’s a specific path.

At the end of our program, you will find that you will live purposefully as you figure out what your life is about. Our life purpose training program does not leave you without support. We have ongoing support through other programs and services.

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